Christmas is a synonym of tradition especially for us in the south of Italy.
In all of the Sorrento peninsula this festivity time has always been the common thread between past and present, a collection of simple and happy vibes to reclaim habits through everyday actions.  You can breath in the familiar and convivial atmosphere immediately while the town seems to transform into a small carousel. The Christmas tree, the twinkling lights, walking along the beautifully decorated Corso Italia, the outdoor aperitif at noon and then, the family celebrations with the traditional and evergreen tombola, card and board games.
Tradition like wearing a red pullover, fireworks at New Year’s Eve in Piazza Tasso, a greeting card written with the heart.
The scents outside in the streets and the familiar “homey” ones in the house: smell is, probably, the most mnemonic of the senses during the Christmas season and the poetic fragrance of cinnamon, tangerine and toasting hazelnut almost overshadows the more romantic one of mistletoe and fir tree. 
The air is cool but never too cold and it is a pleasure to stroll along the street enlivened by Christmas markets and culinary events, being captured by the fragrance of traditional cakes while visiting the Nativity in the Churches or the living Nativity in Casarlano Hill. Tradition like the fried pizza by Gigino sotto l’Arco and the Tombola game in the historic centre, the ceremony of “ciuccio di Fuoco” on the last day of the year as a token of the past that burns away to a bright future. The concerts, musical bands, choirs, arts expositions, Christmas villages for kids.

Christmas events and festive things to do in Sorrento.
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  • 1-2 December
    Sorrento Cathedral – 20,30
    Petra Mangoni & Ferruccio Spinetti
    Viktoria Tolstoy 4et
  • 2 December

    Museum Correale  – 11,00

  • From 3 to 8 December

    Theatre Tasso
    Cinema Professional Meetings 

  • 6 December

    Via P.R. Giuliani THE PIZZA STREET from 16,00
    Chocolate pizza of 100 metres

  • 7-8-9 December

    Tasso Square
    Muppets Theatre “MERCURIO”

  • 8 December

    Marching Band

    Church of Sant’Antonino – 18,30
    Chorus of Sant’Antonino

    Sedil Dominova


  • 8 December 2018 – 6 January 2019

    Church S.M della Pietà
    Christmas Crafts Exhibition

    Church S. Rosario
    Exposition of the nativity art IL DIVINO INFANTE, by M° Iaccarino Christmas Crafts Exhibition

    Church ok Addolorata
    Exposition of the nativity art, Holy Mary, Virgin and Mother,  by M° Iaccarino

    Largo Giovanni Paolo II
    Exposition of the Neapolitan nativity scene by M° Iaccarino

    Museum Correale
    Exposition of the Neapolitan nativity scene of the 18th century, by Maestri Paturzo

  • 14 December

    Theatre Tasso – Ore 19,00
    Sorrento Jazz Festival : Simona Molinari

    Church S.M. della Pietà – 19,00
    Christmas concert  : Armonia Ensemble

  • 15 December

    Theatre Tasso – 19,00
    Sorrento Jazz Festival : Maria Pia de Vito

    Music Band

  • 16 December

    Theatre Tasso – 19,00
    Sorrento Jazz Festival : B&B Quartet

  • 19 December

    Theatre Tasso
    Christmas Concerto by Liceo Artistico – Musicale Grandi

  • 20 December

    Theatre Tasso
    Concert Fondazione Pavarotti

  • 21-22-23 December

    Piazza Veniero

    Christmas on the road (street food)

  • 21 December

    Theatre Tasso
    Christmas concert – Ambrogio Sparagna e Peppe Servillo in “Fermarono i Cieli”

  • 22 December

    Church of S.Rosario – 18,00
    Christmas carols concert CHORUS CAI

  • 23 December

    Inauguration ceremony
    Christmas treasure hunt

    24 December

    Via degli Archi c/o Pizzeria Da Gigino
    “Tiemp bell e na vot” & fried pizza

  • 25 December

    Church of SS:Annunziata – 18,00
    Christmas Concert in memory of Bianca Gambardella Acampora

  • 25-26 December

    Tasso square
    Puppets Theatre “MERCURIO”

  • 26 Dicembre

    Cathedral of Sorrento – 19,30
    Christmas Carols :  Choir of the Sorrento Cathedral 

  • 28 December

    Largo S. Nicola – 17,00
    Tombolata for Christmas: bingo, music and entertainment set by the locals of the neighborhood 

  • 29 December

    Church of S. Rosario
    Christmas Carols:  Rossella Parisi

  • 31 December

    Theater Tasso
    New Years Eve Concert : S.C.S.. Sorrento – Sinfonietta International Symphony Orchestra

    Tasso Square – 18,00
    Ciuccio di fuoco – Donkey on fire
    Musical performance of the group Piedigrotta Sorrentina with the participation of Marco Palmieri


    Tasso Square
    Puppet Theater “MERCURIO”

  • 1 January 2019

    Tasso Square –  00.30
    New Years Eve party in the Tasso Square 

    Tasso Square, Piazza della Vittoria, Piazza dei Marinai –  00.30
    Fireworks Show

    Church of S. Antonino – 17,00
    Concert of New Years Eve :S.C.S.. Sorrento Sinfonietta International Ensemble Orchestra

    Tasso Square
    Puppet Theater “MERCURIO”

  • 2 January

    Church of S. Rosario
    Concerto Natalizio : Complice Armonia Ensemble

  • 3 January

    Concert for PINO DANIELE with Emilia Zamuner and the band Convergenze Parallele

  • 4 January

    Church of S. Antonino – o19,00
    Christmas carols concert:  Valeria Ioviero –  Antonino de Rosa

  • 5 January

    Theater Tasso

    International Music – Teresa Salgueiro

  • 6 January

    Tasso Square – 12,00
    Epiphany of  Bersaglieri

    Church of St. Mary of Carmelo –  18,00
    Holy Mess and Processione for the Christ Child

  • 7 JanuaryVia Fuorimura – Piazza Ganci –  18,00
    E’ asciut pazz o’ padron, by pizzeria Da Michele
  • 12 JanuaryTheatre Tasso
    Music for young generations: Tommaso Primo
  • 19 January
    Theatre Tasso