24 hours on the Amalfi Coast

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‘’For the people of Amalfi who go to heaven, judgment day will be a day like any other.”

I have always dreamed of seeing the Amalfi Coast, and I must say that I have always imagined it as an earthly paradise but I will reveal you a secret, living it is like a dream comes true. Among the colors and scents of the Mediterranean flora that has enchanted artists and travelers of all time, Villa Spartano, located in a private road, ensures an intimate and private environment while enjoying a strategic position making it a short walk from the beach of Queens’ Johanna Baths and the main attractions of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast.

View from the Villa with private terrace and swimming pool

Via Fonatanelle, 2 80067 Sorrento NA
+39 3333436926
From 149€

Itinerary of the Amalfi Coast:

We leave from our Villa at around 11 am after a rich Italian breakfast, on site, on a terrace overlooking the sea.

  • As a first, we stop in Positano, here we leave the car in a paid parking lot (5 €/h) and start to go down to the sea through the streets of the city, where we can admire all the bars and restaurants with tables full of lemons or oranges all in a picture of the scent of flowering trees, being in April.
  • We continue to descend the beautiful streets, and I let you imagine, on the left the rooms I mentioned before on the right instead an endless terrace overlooking the sea. We stop for 5 minutes to take pictures and to admire the best, here we all remain silent to enjoy the spectacle of nature thinking of the paradise that we are staring at and the fact that we are very lucky.
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After this short stop we walk down the stairs leading to the sea, curious about what we will find down there but I would also say impatient, we run, we stop to caress the famous stray cats of Positano. And then suddenly we arrive on the beach. We are here, in Positano, so it is true that dreams become realityHere in Positano time stops, so we stop for an aperitif on the beach, we enjoy the sea, the sun, we take pictures, we admire the unique beauty of this place and suddenly it seems to be August.

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We leave Positano to our next destination, Amalfi, also here we leave our cars and we start to get lost in the city. We recommend a walk through the alleys of the old town, among the open spaces that you will occasionally meet and on the stairs that lead to the upper districts, you will be assailed by scents and unforgettable views. The dense network of narrow streets and steps is dominated by the Cathedral of Amalfi, symbol of the city, standing majestic and glittering in the center of Piazza Duomo, where you can stop to admire the beauty of the church in Arab-Norman style. Here we also stop for lunch in the restaurant “La Piazzetta’‘; in Piazza dei Dogi, 7 where we eat a nice  dish of tagliatelle with meat sauce accompanied by a glass of prosecco. If you come from these parts absolutely to try, elegant place and at the same time refined, delicious dishes, smiling and very friendly people.

After this beautiful lunch, we take another walk around the city returning to the parking lot.
Next stop is Fiordo di Furore, different from the town of Fiordo which is 8. 5km away up the hills. From Amalfi to Fiordo di Furore, if you don’t get wrong like us, there are only 6,3km so in only 15 minutes passing through the narrow streets where you go up and down a bit we finally arrive in this last corner of paradise.

We get out of the cars and impatient to climb up and then go down and get to the beach so much seen and reviewed in the photos. Too bad that we realize that the passage has been closed for almost two years due to hydrogeological instability, and as a result the municipality of Furore must prevent access, has been made almost inaccessible with two walls. A bit upset we try to enjoy the same this wonderful place, 2 photos also here and the commitment to share the #riapriamofiordodifurore which, in turn, I recommend sharing,  hoping we can at least draw attention to this matter.

Our day on the Amalfi Coast ends like this and we return to our location accompanied by a beautiful sunset. We are happy, smiling, satisfied, we are the same people of the day before but richer, today our eyes have seen a corner of paradise and we breathed the scent of the sea.

I would like to end by thanking this beautiful land full of wonders, full of the scent of oranges and lemons, here where everyone smiles, here where you will find “a place that does not seem true until you have not been there but whose deep reality you nostalgically feel when you left it”.   


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