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If you are planning on visiting Capri, Blue Grotto is a must see.
Close your eyes and imagine the water glowing blue colors in the dark cave, the rowers singing Neapolitan songs and a once in your life experience to get inside that will be a topic of stories for years.

Here, you can find my complete guide of useful information for first-time visitors to Capri.

The Grotta Azzurra | Info

Capri’s most famous attraction, the Blue Grotto ( the Grotta Azzurra), is visited by three thousands visitors every day and it is easy to see the reason: no trip to the Island of Capri is complete without seeing the Blue Grotto.
The Blue Grotto or the Grotta Azzurra is the most famous of all Capri’s sights: it owes its name to the blue colour of the water, the result of light refraction. The blue glow of the water is produced by sunlight incoming from below a rock lip near the cave entrance that only protrudes into the water from the top by a few feet.

The blue grotto is a natural sea cave that is roughly 60 feet deep, 180 feet long and 75 feet wide.

To help travellers organizing their visit to the Blue Grotto, find here the most frequently travel questions from our readers and guests who want to know details, suggestions and local recommendation on visiting the Blue Grotto: from opening/closing time to ticket fares, from best boat tours to Capri island to how to get inside.
Read all the info below and contact us directly if you wanna know more, we are available any time!

How to visit the Blue Grotto?

To get inside the Blue Grotto there are only 2 ways:

By Sea: traveling by boat or ferry, depending on where you are staying.

  • From Sorrento you can take a semiprivate or private boat tour that includes stop at the Blue Grotto or you can take the ferry that leaves from Sorrento harbour to Capri, and then take another boat that brings you at the Blue Grotto.
  • From the Amalfi Coast you can take a semiprivate or private boat tour that includes stop at the Blue Grotto or you can take the ferry that leaves from Positano/ Amalfi to Capri, and then take another boat that brings you at the Blue Grotto.
  • From Capri  you can take a semiprivate or private boat tour that includes stop at the Blue Grotto.

By Land: Take the bus from Marina Grande in Capri to Anacapri, Piazza della Pace stop. Take the shuttle service towards the Blue Grotto and walk down the stairs from the shoreline.

What’s the best daily tour from Sorrento to visit Capri?

If you are visiting the Island of Capri and the Blue Grotto from Sorrento, we recommend you different tours, shared or private, including a stop at the Grotta Azzurra: in onde day you will be able to make the most of Capri. You will spend an amazing day around the Island with our recommended skippers: they provide great details of what to see and how to see and  they will help you to minimize lines and maximize the value of your time.

The most convenient tour in terms of quality and money. Let’s see how it works.

Capri Island & Blue Grotto | Semiprivate tour from Sorrento

| Every day | Monday – Sunday
| From Sorrento Harbour
| From 90€
| Duration 8 hours

Tour | Capri Island & Blue Grotto Semiprivate tour

Full day tour with English Speaking Skipper

Capri is one of the most famous and most visited Island in the world and the Capri daily tour with visit of the Blue Grotto from Sorrento, gives you the possibility to visit the island by yacht with a maximum of 12 people on board.  Perfect for families, couples and group of friends who want to share the experience with some few other travelers without renouncing the comforts, the quality and professionality of the skippers: we suggest reliable and personal trustworthy, experienced skippers specialized in Capri daily tours that will take care of you during the journey and will accommodate any of your requests.

Capri Island & Blue Grotto | Private tour from Sorrento

| Every day | Monday – Sunday
| From Sorrento Harbour
| From 500€
| Duration customizable

Tour | Capri Island & Blue Grotto Private tour

Full day Private tour with English Speaking Skipper

We strongly suggest couples or hooneymooners looking for relax and privacy, big families or groups of friends to go for a private tour. Advantages are more convenient money wise, flexibility as you don’t have to follow a schedule, privacy. You can add a sunset experience for enjoying the most magic moment of the day in a fabulous scenario either to surprise your partner for a special occasion or to celebrate a birthday. We will help you customizing your itinerary with exclusives experiences or last-minute lunch/dinner reservations at high requested restaurants. Perfect for guests who want to live a memorable day.

How to get inside the Blue Grotto in Capri?

Many travelers say that the most memorable experience of visiting the Blue Grotto, it is how to get inside and get out from the cave. Let’s see how!

  • By sea:
    Once you arrive outside the Grotta Azzura you must disembark from the main boat and get on to the small rowing boats with which the skippers will accompany you inside. In fact, boat tours allow you to get into the small rowboat that will take you into the cave, the only boats that can get inside the cave opening.Once on the rowboat, you must lay down in the boat on the floor as the cave top is very short and the skipper will pull the boat into the cave using a metal chain attached to the wall. Due to this procedure, only a maximum of four people can ride in a single boat. Once inside, the skipper will circle you around the cave a couple of times and then wait in line to exit the cave.
    You will stay in the cave approx. 5 minutes while skippers sing Italian songs and you take pictures.
  • By land:At the end of the steps coming from Anacapri, you will find rowers who will come to pick you up and will get you inside the grotto.

What’s the best time of the day to visit the Blue Grotto?

Make sure the weather is clear and mostly sunny, without sunshine you will not experience the same deep bright blue. It can be early morning or late evening, we recommend to visit the Blue Grotto when the day is bright  so that you can admire the light reflection and the blue glow of the water.

 When is the Blue Grotto closed?

The Grotto opening depends always on the winds and currents, the cave may be closed without advance: when waves are high or there’s high tide you will find it closed. Sometimes tours within the Blue Cave can be suspended and resumed several times in the same day.

Is the Blue Grotto in Capri open during Winter?

The Blue Grotto is open all year round, weather permitting, though it is often closed from November to March.You can call the number +39 081 8375646 after 9 am and check the weather info and updates.

Where to buy tickets to visit the Blue Grotto?

You can buy tickets directly outside the Blue Grotto, there is a kind of floating ticket office where you would buy your ticket.

How much is visiting the Blue Grotto?

  • Ticket cost € 14,00, it included € 10,00 for the rowboat service plus €4,00 for admission to the grotto.
  • Discounts: 2.00€ UE members between 18 and 24 years old
  • Children under the age of 6 enter for free.

Can you smin in the Blue Grotto?

No, it is illegal and it can be dangerous.

How long it takes to visit the blue grotto?

The visit of the inside of the Blue Grotto takes 5 minutes. Usually you have to wait at least half an hour before you can get in, and the wait increases to one hour and more in the peak season months such as July and August. Sometimes lines are so long and the area can be so overcrowded that people prefere to skip the visit.

My opinion: is it worth to visit the Blue Grotto?

You will read mixed reviews of the Blue Grotto: some people say it is a waste of time and money, others recommend that is the most beautiful place in Capri and one of the best experiences to live on the island as the cave get shined with the sun light from the outside.
What’s my opinion about it? Yes, it is worth! The Blue Grotto is a Must see in Capri and it is the most popular attraction of the island: sometimes it’s ok to just be a tourist and immerse your self in the local culture by living memorable experience, visiting the Blue Grotto is the experience!

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