Christmas and food are a perfect combination and Sorrento, during the Christmas holidays, hosts numerous events dedicated to food and wine traditions.

Discover the complete guide with the 5 main food events organised in Sorrento during Christmas Holidays!

Food events in Sorrento at Christmas time 

  • Sorrento Street Food
  • Chocolate Festival
  • St’Lucy Festivity
  • Tiemp’ Bell e na Vot’
  • E’ asciut pazz’ o’ o padron’

| November 22/23/24
| Piazza Lauro
| €

Event | Sorrento Street Food

Authentic Italian Street Food.

| December 6/7/8
| Corso Italia, Sorrento
| €

Event | Chocolate festival

With master chocolatiers.

| December 12/13
| Sorrento, Santa Lucia
| €

Event | St’Lucia Festivity

Local street food and wine.

| December 24, from 11 am
| Sorrento, Ristorante da Gigino
| Free

Event | Tiemp bell e na vot’

Fried pizza neapolitan style.

| January 13, from 6pm
| Sorrento, Pizzeria da Michele
| Free

Event | E’ asciut pazz o’ padron

Pizza party.

Look for the event on the map and contact us for information about price, location and more details.

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