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Christmas in Sorrento 2019 | The complete guide

Looking for things to do in Sorrento & Amalfi Coast at Christmas 2019? Here find a complete guide to Festive Events, Christmas Markets, Local Food, Daily tours.

If you were one of the many who were eagerly looking forward to a dream getaway of a lifetime to the beautiful Amalfi Coast this summer, making picture perfect memories in Sorrento or drinking delicious homemade limoncello in Capri, only to have to cancel due to Coronavirus, here’s everything you need to know on the current situation in Italy and a brief timeline, from outbreak to lockdown.

Luminarie di Natale a Piazza Tasso, Sorrento

Coronavirus in Italy: updated map and case count

Here are the latest updates:

Thursday, 2nd AprilThe latest figures show us another 1,431 have successfully recovered from COVID-19 in Italy in the last 24 hours! This brings the total to 18,278 and marks the fourth day in a row over 1,000 have recovered. The number of new cases is still on the up with an increase compared to Wednesday of 2,477 cases.

Wednesday, 1st April |  We are so happy to be able to share some more great news with you today! The latest numbers show us that for the third day in a row over 1,000 people have recovered from COVID-19 in Italy! The number of infected people now stands at 80,572, with an increase compared to Tuesday of 2,937.
With all of the tough news coming out of Italy, we want to continue to keep it positive. Italica Grondona is one of two Italians over 100 years old who have recovered from Coronavirus.


Tuesday, 31st March | Today’s figures give us a glimmer of positivity, 1,109 more people have been successfully healed from Coronavirus in the last 24hrs! This is the second day in a row that over 1,000 people have recovered, giving us hope the recovery rate is getting higher. However there is still a daily rise in new cases, +4,035 have been confirmed today.
Let's not also forget the huge efforts and dedication of the medical workers fighting the outbreak together. Here in Italy, doctors have been sent from neighbouring countries to help, here's some of them holding up banners showing where they came from. The world has come together to help Italy with it’s outbreak, the perfect example of unity in these dark times, together we will get through this.

Monday, 30th March | The numbers from today show us that another additional 1,590 people have successfully recovered from COVID-19 in Italy, an increase of 944 compared to yesterday's numbers (646) which is amazing news! Making the total of recoveries now 14,620. However sadly 812 people have passed away in the last 24hours, a slight increase from yesterday’s figures of 756. Hopes still remain high in Italy and the sense of community and unity is only growing stronger day by day.
Even with the social distancing measures in place, these two neighbours still found a way to enjoy a meal, a glass of wine and play cards together.

Sunday, 29th March Today's data shows us that the total amount of people that have successfully recovered from Coronavirus in Italy now stands at a total of 13,030 meaning in the last 24 hours there has been an increase of an additional 646 people. However the numbers of those infected are still on the rise, with an increase of 3,815 cases today, it is believed the Italy is now currently either within the current peak period or very close to it. There will be light at the end of this very dark tunnel, the infection rate is slowly declining and the curve is flattening. On another positive note, Ferrari has also announced today they have decided to collaborate with the only Italian company that produces ventilators in a bid to help push the production of these much needed machines.

Luminarie di Natale a Piazza Tasso, Sorrento

Looking for things to do in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Naples at Christmas?
We’ll be adding more details for Christmas in Sorrento 2019  when they are available, so keep checking back.

If you have planned your stay in Sorrento and you still have not decided about what to do, here are the 10 reasons why it is worth spending the Christmas holidays in Sorrento, in this magical place.
You will find the complete program of events and some suggestions to better enjoy your holiday.
From Christmas decorations to food, from concertsto daily tours, Sorrento is confirmed as the ideal destination among the top destinations in Europe to spend your Christmas holidays:


It has been a few years now that Sorrento at Christmas is decorated in lights and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world to admire its beauty. Here are some of the most beautiful Christmas Lights not to be missed while staying in Sorrento in December:

  • Piazza Tasso – the main square, is the starting point to admire the big Christmas tree in the centre, one of the main attractions.
  • Piazza Sant’Antonino – the little square, decorates with lights and statues
  • Old Town – – a jump into the ancient city through traditional shops, enveloping aromas and characteristic alleys.
  • Corso Italia – the main shopping street.
  • Piazza Angelina Lauro – Christmas shopping, events and Santa Claus Village.
Christmas in Sorrento 2019 | Lights and decorations, map and info


Christmas in Sorrento is synonymous with tradition, and we in South of Italy know something about it. At the beginning of December there is a cosy and warm atmosphere and the whole town seems to become a small carousel.

From the tree in Piazza Tasso to Christmas lights and decorations all around, from pleasant walks along Corso Italia to the Tombola night in the Old Town. The air is sparkling and lovely and it is impossible to miss the several events that take place along the streets of Sorrento: from the Christmas markets to the fried pizza party arranged by Gigino sotto l’Arco ( a local slang used to indicate that Gigino’s pizzeria is located in a characteristic street underneath a arch), from the Ciuccio di Fuoco (the Donkey on Fire) to the fireworks, from the visit of the nativities in the churches of Sorrento and the live one in the neighbouring town of Casarlano; concerts, Christmas choirs, art exhibitions and the Christmas villages for the little ones.

Christmas in Sorrento 2019 |Guide to Festive Events, Food, Concerts – Dates & Info


Art lovers, cannot miss the unique experience of the Neapolitan nativity scenes itinerary, one of the most deeply rooted traditions in the Neapolitan culture ;it starts from Sedil Dominova to the Basilica of Sant’Antonino, then Chiesa dell’Annunziata ,located in Piazza Andrea Veniero, to Chiesa dei Servi di Maria in Via Sersale.

Do not miss a visit to the private nativity scene of the Cuomo’s Lucky Store and Gambardella delicatessen on Corso Italia, old famous shops in Sorrento that prepare a Neapolitan nativity scene that have now become a regular stop for tradition lovers.

Christmas in Sorrento 2019 | Nativity Scenes Itinerary, info & Map


Families with children will have a lot to do and see.  The main attraction for the little ones is the Village of Walt Disney, set up in Piazza Sant’Antonino and theSanta Claus village in the Historic Villa Fiorentino: these two are for some years been the meeting point for families and children. 


Christmas and food are the perfect combination and Sorrento dedicates several events to this. In addition to Christmas markets and pastry shops that will offer traditional zeppole and sweets, the most anticipated events are:

Sorrento Street Food Village, dedicated to street food made in Italy, where you can try from the classic Pizza a Portafogli (means Pizza Wallet) to the roast, from fried cooks to local Panini, from meatballs to sfogliatelle and Sicilian cannoli.
“Santa Lucia”, for the feast of December 13th the embers are collected for the sausage and pork festival, which, together with songs and music, cheers the party in the Santa Lucia district
“Tiemp bell e na vot”, the event no one can miss in the Old Town centre at the pizzeria da Gigino: Neapolitan folk music, tons of fried pizzas and gallons of beer to celebrate Christmas Eve together and to toast happiness.
 “Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Lunch” will be hosted by numerous restaurants and hotels which menus hardly come out from the traditional schemes; Eve menu is basically based on fish, while the lunch of December 25 is based on meat and vegetables: from tortellini soup, to cannelloni and baked pasta.
• “E ‘asciut pazz o’ padron”, by Pizzeria da Michele. 

Christmas in Sorrento 2019 | Find out Food Events, Dates and Local traditions.


From Jazz to Neapolitan popular & folk music, from Christmas choirs to classical music, to bands and to folk groups that bring joy into the streets and squares all around Sorrento.

A varied schedule for concerts in Sorrento, organised for the Christmas holidays, which enriches the artistic and cultural program of the Sorrento Peninsula.

Among the events not to be missed we find the Christmas Concert on December 25th, at the Chiesa dell’Annunziata and the Concert at the end of the year which will be held on Monday, December 31st, at 11.30 am at Teatro Tasso.

Christmas in Sorrento 2019 |Music, concerts and events


Toasts, music and entertainment. We start from the morning with a NYE Concert organised at Teatro Tasso followed by toasts and laughs in one of the many bars and brunches open around town. At 6.00 pm every one gathers at Piazza Tasso for the “ciuccio di fuoco” (Donkey on fire) an old local tradition to say goodbye to the year just passing and to welcome the new one with hope.

It’s time then to get ready for dinner at one of the many restaurants or hotels that arrange dinner-shows and right after the midnight toast, the party starts again in the main Piazza with fireworks, music, dancing and lots of people.


From December 26th to January 13th, the Living Nativity that takes places in the neighbouring town of Casarlanoarranged by its parish community, reaches its eleventh edition. A suggestive experience that starts from the olive and lemon groves and continues towards the ancient “Holy Land”, set below the church, where the village is set up with magnificent chestnut structures and walls of tuff and stones , built by masters and passionate artisans. Three hundred people will be dressed in period costumes; a free shuttle service from Sorrento is provided.


It is difficult to describe Naples in a sentence itself, let alone at Christmas that an entire book would not be sufficient. Naples at Christmas is an explosion of feelings: music, vitality, traditions and aromas make it one of the most charming cities in Italy; from San Gregorio Armeno the street of the nativities scenes made by the famous Neapolitan artisans, to the Old Town, between Via del Duomo and Spaccanapoli. Click below, for more info, tips, map and suggested Naples tours from Sorrento to explore and experience Naples at the best during the Christmas holidays.

Christmas in Sorrento 2019 | Daily tour in Naples from Sorrento at Christmas 2019 | Itineraries, Map, infos and suggestions


During the month of December, the weather in Sorrento begins to be cooler, but considering that the chances of rain decrease compared to November, it is always worth a trip to the wonderful sites that surround the Sorrento Coast.

  • The Amalfi Coast, this is a must when visiting Sorrento, with its stunning views, charming villages and breath-taking scenery.  Think about taking an Amalfi Coast Tour from Sorrento
  • Pompeii tour from Sorrento.  The ruins of Pompeii, buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on August 24, A.D 79. 
  • The island of Capri,  visit Capri from Sorrento if sea and weather conditions allow to visit.

Christmas in Sorrento 2019 | Daily tours to the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii Ruins and Caprii Island on Christmas Days

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