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by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.

Looking to visit Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast in 2022 but wanting to know what the current situation is regarding COVID-19? Discover our article below to find out how safe the Amalfi Coast is, information on Face Masks and Social Distancing as well as all of the Latest Updates.

by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.
Travelling from Sorrento to Capri in 2021? Our Travel Guide includes Low Fare Private Transfers, Best Transport Links, Fares & Timetables.

Getting from Sorrento to Capri

The beautiful and enchanting Island of Capri is located in the Gulf of Naples, South of the city of Naples and facing the Sorrento Peninsula. Almost always on the bucket list or itinerary of those who are visiting Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, it’s no wonder the island is one of the most popular and famous places in the world.

The wonderful mix of natural beauty and culture is in fact why the island is one of the main attractions to visit when in the South of Italy, from the iconic symbols of Capri the Faraglioni to the magical Blue Grotto, it’s beauty has been appreciated ever since the Roman era and nowadays to can still admire the ruins of their luxury Imperial villas.

One of the most common questions our guests ask us is, how do I get to the Island of Capri from Sorrento and what is the most convenient way?

In addition to taking a helicopter, the only other way to reach the Island of Capri is by sea and you have two options to choose from. The first being participating in a shared or private boat tour or by taking the public ferry that takes you to Capri from the Port of Sorrento.

Sorrento to Capri: With Private Boat

Opting for a private tour, as we always recommend to our guests, is probably the best choice for those who love the sea and who are wanting to also visit the Blue Grotto and the other Caves of Capri. It is precisely the Blue Grotto, the caves, the Faraglioni, the Marina Piccola and the other sites that can only be visited by sea that push most visitors to book a boat tour and not the ferry.

In fact, unlike the ferry that leaves from the Port of Sorrento and simply just takes you to the Port of Capri, the private boat tour allows you to get to know the island and circumnavigate it you will be able to stop at the entrance of the caves, explore them and even have the possibility to stop for swimming. If you’re looking to spend an enchanting day on one of the traditional Sorrento boats and live a day in true ‘dolce vita’ style, then this is for you!

The boat transfer from Sorrento to Capri is the ideal solution for those who want to:

  • Travel in complete privacy
  • Move according to flexible schedules
  • Organise the return with the possibility of adding activities such as, visiting the Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni, the Caves of Capri and Marina Piccola, without having to take another boat from Capri
  • Have more than one experience in just one trip
  • Spend a full day on a boat that offers all possible services, from the bathroom to the kitchen, to the shower and the outside sitting area
  • Indulge in a day of complete relaxation
  • Not stress about organising the trip according to the ferry timetables
  • Not have to worry about how to reach the port as the tour includes the additional pick up service from the accommodation

Private or Shared Tour?

This is another common question I often hear from guests and the answer in this case is simple, first of all it depends on the budget available and the number of people in the group you will be travelling with. The private tour is cheaper than the shared one, which is carried out with a maximum of 10-12 people on board and which sometimes, when the group is large, can turn into a real private tour.

Secondly, although there is slight flexibility with the shared tour, the private tour allows guests to manage the available day in complete autonomy, being able to plan, change and add during the course of being, the beaches to visit, the destinations, time to spend in one place compared to another and much more.

For this reason, some of Sorrento’s most professional skippers have organised shared tours that allow you to experience the best of Capri and its coast in one day, guaranteeing guests an unforgettable day, the tour includes:

  • You will be picked up on request from your accommodation at around 9am and have a transfer to the Port of Sorrento.
  • Departure at 9:30am from Sorrento in the direction of Capri, start to make the first stops between the most beautiful beaches of the Sorrento peninsula, such as the Bagni della Regina Giovanna and the Marciano waterfall.
  • Arrival in Capri at about 10:30am, from this moment on we advise you to have a camera in hand as it is at this moment that the tour has its beautiful beginning. This whole and complete tour of the island will allow you to discover the iconic Faraglioni, stop near the most beautiful and hidden caves, being able to admire the beautiful and inimitable play of light of the White, Green and Blue Grotto.
  • After the tour of the island, you will dock in Marina Piccola, where you can enjoy lunch, a sandwich is included in the price, a few steps from the sea.
  • Then you will have approximately 3 hours of free time on the island so you can also admire the beauty of Capri from the ground, you can discover more in our Complete Guide of Capri.
  • The tour will end with a relaxing return, being able to look at the beauty of our coast and our sea one last time, while sipping a glass of Prosecco on the bow of the boat, the return is around 5pm followed by a drop-off at your accommodation.

Explore Capri Island with Private Boat Tour


Private Tour | Capri & Blue Grotto

Sorrento to Capri: By Ferry

For those wishing to visit the island of Capri only by land, without wanting to see the Blue Grotto or the coast of Capri, we recommend taking the ferry from Sorrento. The ferries to Capri are comfortable, fast and practical and in less than thirty minutes you can reach the island of Capri and is ideal for those who want to organise their day according to their needs with complete flexibility and maybe only want to spend a few hours on the island.

The two main companies and among the most important are: Alilauro and Caremar and tickets can be purchased here:

Top Tips:

  • Ferries leave from the port of Capri every hour
  • The journey from Capri to Sorrento takes approximately 20-30 minutes
  • Tickets have a cost that can vary from €18.00 to €22.50 one way, depending on the company you are traveling with and the departure time
  • You can bring luggage, strollers, animals and bicycles by paying a small extra fee that varies from €2.10 to €6.30

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a ferry from Sorrento to Capri?

Yes you can take a ferry from Sorrento to Capri which is one of the fastest ways as they arrive at least every hour and can take around 20 – 30 minutes to arrive on the Sorrento Coast.

How long is the private boat ride from Sorrento to Capri?

It takes a total of 30 min to arrive to Capri from Sorrento by private boat.

How much does the ferry cost from Sorrento to Capri?

The ferry from Capri to Sorrento costs around €18 to €23, depending on how far in advance you book your tickets.

How far is the train ride from Naples to Sorrento?

The train journey from Naples to Sorrento is around 90 minutes.

How far is the ferry ride from Sorrento to Naples?

The journey from Sorrento to Naples by ferry takes around 45 minutes.

Can you do a day trip from Sorrento to Capri?

Yes of course, but it will require very organised planning and a very early start in order to maximises the sights and activities you will want to see and do during your time in Sorrento. You can discover a full list of activities in our 1 day in Sorrento Itinerary.

How much is a day trip to Sorrento to Capri?

A day trip to Sorrento to Capri starts from .

Where do you get the ferry to Sorrento from Capri?

You can get the ferry back to Sorrento from Marina Grande, the main port of Capri.

Is it possible to visit other attractions in Capri rather than just the island itself?

Yes a great advantage to booking a private boat tour is that you will have the choice of adding additional stops, tours and even daily experiences to the boat transfer with additional costs, so you can better explore the coast, the island and the caves.

How far is Naples to Sorrento by car?

Travelling from Naples to Sorrento by car takes around 1 hour.

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