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by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.

Looking to visit Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast in 2023 but wanting to know what the current situation is regarding COVID-19? Discover our article below to find out how safe the Amalfi Coast is, information on Face Masks and Social Distancing as well as all of the Latest Updates.

by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.
Travelling from Sorrento to Naples in 2021? Our Travel Guide includes Low Fare Private Transfers, Best Transport Links, Fares & Timetables.

Getting From Sorrento to Naples

With centuries of important art, architecture and history, the City of Naples is one of the most beautiful places you can visit while in the South of Italy. Thousands of people often write to us wanting to discover what fastest, efficient and safest way is to travel to Sorrento from Naples, also depending on if your designation is to Naples Airport or Naples Central Station.

There are a few ways in reach you can reach Naples from Sorrento by land and sea. Together we will see in detail the advantages and disadvantages of all travel options, from car and train to bus or hydrofoil.

Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento to Naples: With Private Driver

Travelling to Naples from Sorrento by private transfer is undoubtedly the safest, fastest and most efficient way for you to arrive at your destination in the shortest possible time and above all without having to worry about taking public transport. We have selected a team of super professional drivers, certified, English speakers who have cars and minivans signed by Mercedes, new, comfortable, safe and equipped with all comforts.

The private transportation is a perfect choice for those who:

  • Are travelling with family or small children, have bags and luggages and your group is more than 4 guests
  • Want to enjoy hassle-free transportation to your accommodation in Sorrento & Amalfi Coast with a private transfer service
  • Want to travel with professional, efficient and great drivers with an extensive knowledge of the areaIf you want to travel comfortably, with air conditioning
  • If you have to take a train from Naples station in the early morning or late in the evening
  • If you have to take a plane from Naples airport in the early morning or late in the evening

If you have to go to Naples airport, the driver will pick you up at your destination at least two hours before the flight check-in time and will wait for you outside of your accommodation and help you with your luggage. During the trip you can learn more about our land or stop along the coast to photograph the Sorrento Peninsula, travel in comfortable means equipped with air conditioning and wifi. If you need to get to the Naples station, we recommend that you book the driver especially if you want to travel safely and comfortably and avoid using the train.



Pizza Experience | Naples Tour

Sorrento to Positano: By Train

Taking the train from Sorrento to Naples is mainly recommended for those traveling alone or in pairs and must continue the journey from Naples to other destinations (Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice) with the high-speed train. The trains that arrive in Naples from Sorrento are in the same station that connects Naples to the major Italian cities: in less than five minutes you can jump from one train to another.

There are two lines that connect Sorrento to Naples by train, the Circumvesuviana and the Campania express.


The Circumvesuviana line is a railway line that connects Sorrento to Naples. Most of the trains are old and very crowded, do not have air conditioning and you often find yourself traveling on your feet. The journey time from Sorrento to Naples is about 90 minutes, but delays due to problems or strikes also occur. You can buy the train ticket from Sorrento to Naples at the Sorrento station, we advise you to go about twenty minutes before because there may be queues or crowds. To those who ask us if the Circumvesuviana is safe we ​​can only rely on the reputation and reviews that are already on the web and find that in addition to being a line that does not offer air conditioning and many seats, it often causes delays and inconvenience. Personally, there is nothing to fear but I always recommend keeping your eyes open and being careful of any pickpockets. In any case, avoid peak times to avoid traveling as tight as sardines.


Created specifically for travellers and workers heading to Naples from Sorrento, the Campania Express train line offers air conditioning, guaranteed seating and greater efficiency than the Circumvesuviana. Unlike the Circumvesuviana, it also makes fewer stops and takes about 50 minutes to get from Sorrento to Naples. Campania Express stops at: Sorrento, Vico Equense, Castellammare di Stabia, Pomepei Scavi – Villa of the Mysteries, Torre Annunziata, Herculaneum Excavations Vesuvius (Herculaneum ruins), Naples Piazza Garibaldi and Naples Porta Nolana. The Campania Express service runs from mid-March to mid-October and the travel ticket can be purchased up to 20 minutes before departure. The one-way ticket costs €8.

Travelling by train from Naples to Sorrento can therefore be a good solution for:

  • Those who have flexible times and do not need to arrive at a certain time
  • Those looking for a more budget friendly option
  • If you are travelling in a group less than 3 people
  • Those travelling without bags and luggages

Sorrento to Naples: By Bus

The bus from Sorrento to Naples is another option that you can take and connects Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula to Naples airport thanks to the line offered by the Curreri company. This is a great option for those with flexible times as buses connect Sorrento to Naples with buses that depart every two hours or so.

Curreri: Pro’s & Con’s
  • Tickets can be bought online on the web page of the company Curreri
  • The journey takes about 75 minutes, but it depends on traffic (I really do not recommend to take the bus if you’re travelling on a Sunday and especially between these times: 14:00 – 18:00)
  • Ticket costs €10,00 one way per person
  • On the bus there is air conditioning
  • If you are traveling with luggage, you will have to store them in the luggage compartment underneath the bus
  • There isn’t a toilet onboard and they won’t make any service station stops.

Travelling by train from Naples to Sorrento can therefore be a good solution for:

  • Those travelling alone or as a couple
  • Those who have flexible times and do not need to arrive at a certain time
  • Who can travel with flexible times and can adapt to the arrival and departure times of the bus
  • Those who need to depart from the areas of Meta di Sorrento, Piano di Sorrento and Sant’Agnello
  • Those who need to reach Naples airport from Sorrento

Top Tips:

  • Bus tickets can be purchased online
  • The journey takes about 75 minutes, but depends on traffic and other circumstances
  • The ticket costs €10
  • The bus has air conditioning
  • You can travel with luggage to store in the compartment before boarding.
  • There is no toilet and there are no stops other than intermediate destinations

Sorrento to Naples: By Ferry

If you are a lover of the sea and you want to get to Naples from Sorrento while enjoying the breeze and the landscapes of the coast, we recommend that you consider the ferry. There are about six trips that depart daily from the port of Sorrento and arrive at the port of Beverello in Naples. The port of Beverello is located in the heart of the city, but a little distant from the station and Naples airport. If you need to continue your journey to take a train or plane, we always recommend the private driver to reach Naples station and its airport from Sorrento. But if you have to stay in Naples and stay in the heart of the city, the hydrofoil can be an excellent alternative.

The biggest company that serves this type of transfer service by boat is Alilauro:

  • Tickets can be purchased online directly on their website: or directly at the ticket office situated in Molo Beverello
  • Ticket prices may vary, it usually costs between €13,00 – €20,00 each
  • The journey takes about 45 minutes and you’ll have an amazing view of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius, admiring the beauty of Naples and a beautiful glimpse of the Sorrento coast
  • Luggage of a maximum size of 50x35x20 (cm) and the weight not exceeding 9 Kg is included in the cost of the ticket. For extra luggage and excess baggage in size and/or weight or if your are travelling with animals or bicycles you’ll need a ticket specifically for your additional needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a train ticket from Sorrento to Naples?

The train ticket from Sorrento to Naples is €4.90 – €8, each way, depending how far in advance you purchase your tickets and which train company you decide to go for.

Is there a direct train from Sorrento to Naples?

Yes there is a direct train from Sorrento to Naples.

How long is the bus journey from Naples to Sorrento?

The bus journey from Naples to Sorrento is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How far is the ferry ride from Sorrento to Naples?

The journey from Sorrento to Naples by ferry takes around 45 minutes.

Can you do a day trip to Naples to Sorrento?

Yes of course, but it will require very organised planning and a very early start in order to maximises the sights and activities you will want to see and do during your time in Sorrento. 

How much is a taxi from Sorrento to Naples?

From Naples to Sorrento an taxi can cost from 70€.

Is it safe to travel to Sorrento?

Sorrento is known to be a very safe area by local and tourists which is why it’s an ideal location for families, couples and large groups.

How far is Sorrento to Naples by car?

Travelling from Naples to Sorrento by car takes around 1 hour.

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