Getting to Praiano from Sorrento – Best Route 2023

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by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.

Looking to visit Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast in 2023 but wanting to know what the current situation is regarding COVID-19? Discover our article below to find out how safe the Amalfi Coast is, information on Face Masks and Social Distancing as well as all of the Latest Updates.

by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.
Travelling to Praiano from Sorrento in 2021? Our Travel Guide includes Low Fare Private Transfers, Best Transport Links, Fares & Timetables.

Getting to Praiano from Sorrento

The beautiful town of Praiano is known as the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Praiano is one of those destinations which, even if you’re simply just passing through you can count on two factors that make it unique, the first being the breathtaking views and the the second being the delicious authentic food. In recent years many readers from all over the world decide to stop in Praiano because of it’s perfect location halfway between Positano and Amalfi, boats some of the best restaurants of the Amalfi Coast, it’s unique preserved atmosphere and it’s lovely beaches.

Praiano is located just after the town of Positano and it is in fact from the terraces of Praiano that it is possible to enjoy the most fascinating and magical sunsets of the Amalfi Coast. If you want to reach Praiano from Sorrento, here you will find all the information to discover it by land, along the famous coastal road and live an unforgettable experience or by sea with private boats, shared tours and ferries.

Sorrento to Praiano: With Private Driver

Travelling to Praiano from Sorrento by private car is of course the most comfortable, efficient and fastest way to reach the coastal town. Immediately after Positano, about forty-five minutes by car from Sorrento, Praiano welcomes you with a beautiful plaque that recalls that the Amalfi coast is a UNESCO heritage site. After a quarter of an hour from the exit of Positano, between curves and terraces overlooking the sea, you reach Praiano passing a tunnel that leads you to the centre of the town, the Church with the majolica dome and small shops of products locals.

If you want to reach Praiano from Sorrento and you are traveling with your family or in small groups, we recommend booking a transfer with a local driver. We contacted the best drivers in terms of professionalism and reliability, who have new Mercedes cars or minivans signed with air conditioning and comfort.

We recommend this travel option for couples, families (especially with small children) or groups of friends up to 8 people who:

  • Want to arrive to Praiano in the early morning or late in the evening
  • Want to stay for dinner in Praiano and return independently
  • Have a few hours available and want to experience the Amalfi Coast Tour
  • Prefer to travel comfortably
  • Want to avoid large crowds and busy bus lines
  • Want to avoid changing vehicles or stops
  • Have heavy bags and don’t want to stress
  • Have strict timetables and cannot risk delays

The driver will pick you up at the requested address or accommodation, help you to arrange your luggage in the car and accompany you to your destination following the fastest and least traveled route, also you will have the option to stop when you want to for a break to take photos of the panorama or for a lunch break along the way.

Sorrento to Praiano: By Bus

If you’re wanting to travel to Praiano from Sorrento it’s possible to reach the town from via the SITA bus line. The departure of the Sita bus from Sorrento is scheduled from Piazza Giovanni Battista de Curtis, next to the Sorrento Circumvesuviana station.

Top Tips:

  • The journey takes about 90 minutes, considering the traffic and chaos that can be found in the summer season.
  • The first bus from Sorrento leaves at 6:30am and the last at 7pm.
  • There are no night buses available
  • It is possible to buy the ticket directly at the station or outside the bus, at the ticket office and it is necessary to have a ticket before boarding the bus.
  • There are various types of tickets that vary in price depending on the duration and destinations.

Sorrento to Praiano: By Sea

If you are in Sorrento and you want to reach Praiano it is important to know that in Praiano there is no docking point for ferries, but there is a pier where you can disembark with a private transfer by sea. In both cases, the departure is from the port of Sorrento, reachable on foot from Piazza Tasso in less than five minutes.


From Sorrento to Praiano there is no direct ferry, in fact you must arrive in Positano first with the Sorrento – Positano line and then continue your journey to Praiano by internal bus or taxi. You can find our more information here about Getting to Positano from Sorrento.

Private Transfer:

If you prefer to reach Praiano by sea from the Port of Sorrento, the only way is by boat with a private transfer. It is a fantastic experience as well as an efficient one. You can also consider enjoying an aperitif at sunset and take a dip before stopping for dinner in one of the many restaurants on the Amalfi coast, thanks to one of the professional skippers who will wait for you at the pier and take you back to Sorrento. There are several skippers who offer this service and the price varies by the time and type of boat you will choose.


Experience Amalfi Coast with Private Boat Tour


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the journey from Sorrento to Praiano by car?

Travelling by car to Praiano from Sorrento can take around 45 minutes

How many stops are there from Sorrento to Praiano by bus?

Between Sorrento and Praiano there are 10 bus stops in total.

Is there a direct bus that will take me to Praiano from Sorrento?

No unfortunately there is no direct bus and the only way you can arrive in a direct form of transport is my private car transfer.

How long is the journey from Sorrento to Praiano by bus?

If you are deciding to take the bus, your journey can take an hour and a half and or course this depends on the traffic and time of departure.

Where can I purchase my tickets to get the bus to Praiano from Sorrento?

You can purchase your bus tickets at the station, outside of the bus or at the ticket office and it is necessary to have a ticket before boarding the bus.

Can you do a day trip from Praiano to Sorrento?

Yes of course, but it will require very organised planning and a very early start in order to maximises the sights and activities you will want to see and do during your time in Sorrento. You can discover a full list of activities in our 1 day in Sorrento Itinerary.

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