Hiking the Amalfi Coast: Top 5 Best Trails

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by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.

Looking to visit Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast in 2023 but wanting to know what the current situation is regarding COVID-19? Discover our article below to find out how safe the Amalfi Coast is, information on Face Masks and Social Distancing as well as all of the Latest Updates.

by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.
Are you a lover or spending time outdoors and being surround by nature? Discover the Top 5 Hiking Trails in the Amalfi Coast for your 2021 Holiday. These hikes allow you to witness the most spectacular views of the iconic Amalfi Coast towns, from the hilltops of Positano to the Lemon Groves of Amalfi.

Top 5 Hiking Trails in the Amalfi Coast

Looking for the perfect Hiking Trail while on holiday in the Amalfi Coast? When it comes to breathtaking views and spectacular scenery, the Mediterranean Jewel of the Amalfi Coast boasts a number of unique and exciting hiking trails, with its towering cliffs and turquoise sea views. This famous region has always attracted many visitors, especially those with an adventurous spirit, there truly is no better place to go hiking in Italy than here in the Amalfi Coast.

The Path of the Gods

By far one of the most famous hiking trails in the Amalfi Coast, the Path of the Gods, otherwise known as ‘Sentiero degli Dei’, was carved out by Greek Settlers in as early as the 8th Century. This well known hike is around 4.3 miles and it’s starting point has two options, Bomerano or Nocelle, however after our many years of experience we personally suggest you to start from Bomerano because it’s much more beautiful and easier to reach. 

This stunning and spectacular hike takes place over the top of the Amalfi Coastline that leads you all the way through Mediterranean shrubs, trees and guarantees you the most unique views of the sea right down to the valleys located below.

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Valle delle Ferriere

The Valle delle Ferriere is one of the most unique hikes on the Amalfi Coast and can be easily reached on foot from the town of Amalfi in around an hour. Surrounded by the sea and the mountains, this hike is a real refreshing surprise that you probably wouldn’t expect in a seaside destination. 

As you make your way though the hike, after around 1 hour and a half, you will find yourself transported into a tropical environment where you’ll be surrounded by flowing fresh water streams and a natural waterfall. The Valle delle Ferriere takes around 3 – 4 hours and the route is made up mostly of stairways so we would recommend wearing suitable hiking shoes.

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Punta Campanella

Interested in taking a walk back in time? The Punta Campanella hike is full of remains of Old Temples, however the most spectacular part is the breathtaking views of Capri and the Bay of Ieranto. This hike begins in the town of Termini and you can reach it by taking the bus that runs to Sant’Agata Sui Due Golfi from Sorrento. This short 30 minute hike is a very easy and light trail so we would recommend for all ages to try it as it’s suitable for all.

The trail itself is quite easy as the ground is quite level and you’ll make your way though typical Italian countryside, olive groves, small gardens and the coastline where you’ll enjoy the splendid sea views and stretches of the Coast. Geographically speaking, the marine protected area of Punta Campanella is perfectly located where the Sorrento Coast and Amalfi Coast points connect falling in line beautifully right in front of the Island of Capri.

Santa Marina del Castello

Starting in Positano, this hike is however a times quite steep and often uphill for around 1.9 miles, best suited for those with more experience in hiking, but the most rewarding part by far is the magnificent view of Positano’s hanging cliffs you’ll be able to see below you. The Santa Marina del Castello hike takes around 2 – 4 hours, depending on how quickly you can make your way back down. 

One of the best advantages of this hike however is that the majority of the starting point offers lots of shade, which is perfect if you’re choosing to experience this during the summer. As the path starts to open up in front of you, the hills of Positano will be displayed in front of you, the perfect photo opportunity. As you get to the hikes high point, you will reach the small village of Santa Marina del Castello where you can take a water or coffee break in the towns bar before making your way back down the trail.

Sentiero dei Limoni

Connecting the towns of Maiori and Minori, the Sentiero dei Limoni is an easy 2.4 mile hike and its paths run mostly through residential areas. You will experience the beautiful sea views the entire hike and just like its name suggests, you will make your way through the colourful and fragrant iconic lemon groves of the Amalfi Coast during this experience. If you’re lucky enough, the local lemon grove owners might just invite you in and get you to taste some of their homemade limoncello. 

This splendid hike offers you a look into how the people of the Costiera once used to live, surrounded by the slow pace of nature and truly taking in each landscape, town and authentic spirit of the area. As you make your way along the route,  you will be able to experience the history and tradition of this iconic and special fruit of the Amalfi Coast. We would suggest enjoying this hike during Spring and Summer as you’ll be able to experience the traditional collection of lemons.

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