If you are in Rome e and you are coming to Sorrento by trains, here you will find all the necessary and updated INFO for 2018!


If you are in Rome and you are planning to come to Sorrento for your next trip using train, ensure to be in the right railway station within at least 30 minutes from departure and do not forget to buy tickets in advance.

The train is a great way of seeing Italy!

In Rome there are two railway station that offer national services:

  • Roma Termini, the main railway station of Rome, located in the heart of the city. It is the hub of the Metro network and where your will find the main bus station for local buses, airport buses and trains
  • Roma Triburtina, situtated in the north-eastern part of the city, it is he second-biggest station with service from both regional and high-speed trains.

The two main railway companies that quickly connect Rome to Naples and cover national routes are:

The train journey from Rome Termini to Naples on Italo and Trenitalia’s high- speed trains takes approximately 70 minutes. More than 60 trains make this journey every day: the first leaves Rome at 6:26 a.m., the last at 8:40 p.m.
From Roma Tiburtina station for Napoli Centrale the journey is about 90 minute and trains run every hour.
Many of  Italo and Trenitalia’s high-speed trains pass through Tiburtina station before Rome’s Termini and Napoli Centrale stations.
In fact, if you are traveling towards Naples and you leave from Roma Triburtina, the first stop you will meet as intermediate station will be Roma Termini, then Napoli. Instead, if you depart from Roma Termini, you won’t pass trough Triburtina station, but you will go straight towards Napoli. In simple terms, if you are travelling from North to South, Roma Triburtina is the station that precedes Roma Termini.

Here’s a map to better understand where Rome Termini and Rome Triburtina are located.

Roma Termini

Roma Termini railway station

Roma Triburtina

Roma Triburtina railway station

I know it is not easy to plan trips well in advance, but if you buy tickets a few weeks earlier you may find very affordable prices starting from 9,99€.


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