Wellness and Health Enhancing Experiences

The Future of ExperiencesFor many years, travel has always been a beloved luxury for many of us, from taking a dream summer holiday to Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast to a quick weekend break to the City of Naples or Rome. It’s highly likely now that many of us...

Social Distancing and Sanitisation Regulations

Our Cleaning ProceduresThe topic of cleaning and sanitising is one of the most discussed topics among the new horizons of hospitality, guaranteeing safety and cleanliness in accommodation facilities is an essential factor for the future of hospitality. For us...

Will I be able to travel to Italy again this summer?

Hundreds of guests have been writing to us to find out what the possibility is of them still bring able to enjoy a summer holiday in Italy this summer, here we have put together for you all of the latest updates regarding travel combined with the new guidelines we have created to ensure our guests feel safe and secure when staying with us.

Coronavirus in Italy, from outbreak to lockdown

If you were one of the many who were eagerly looking forward to a dream getaway of a lifetime to the beautiful Amalfi Coast this summer, making picture perfect memories in Sorrento or drinking delicious homemade limoncello in Capri, only to have to cancel due to Coronavirus, here’s everything you need to know on the current situation in Italy and a brief timeline, from outbreak to lockdown.

Getting from Florence to Sorrento – What’s the best way?

If you are in Florence and you are coming to Sorrento, here you will find all the necessary and updated INFO for 2020: getting from Florence to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast is never been easier with our guide. Located in the heart of the stunning Tuscany region,...

Visiting Sorrento in July 2020

Our complete guide of things to do in Sorrento in July, from visiting Capri and Amalfi Coast to where to enjoy the most amazing dinners.

Sorrento by month

Complete guides

Complete guides

Our expert travel planners are highly knowledgeable and are available.

Latest Updates for Visiting the Beach this Summer

Everything you need to know about visiting the beaches this summer in Italy! From making reservations in advance to temperature checks and social distancing measures.