Most Instagrammable Places In Capri

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by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.

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by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.
Are you a lover of social media and looking for the most beautiful places to get the best pictures during your holiday in Capri and on the Amalfi Coast?

Most Instagrammable places in Capri

Many of our visitors, from teenagers to adults, always ask us for the best places to visit, a terrace overlooking the view of the shimmering Mediterranean sea or a restaurant immersed in a dreamy lemon garden. Capri is the island of wonders: from its breathtaking views to the iconic Faraglioni and the bay that welcomes them, the colourful alleys and the paths surrounded by greenery, it offers a number of opportunities for the perfect picture. There is nothing more beautiful that we could recommend you to do that introduces you to the most enchanting places of my land: the beauty of the island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast deserves to be shared, there is so much to see that a lifetime alone is not enough.

We have put together in this guide our recommendations of the best places to visit for lovers of photography, and those who visit Capri even just for a day, this itinerary will take you to see the most beautiful and picture perfect sites on the island up close, to get your dream insta-worthy images for your social media.

Restaurants and Clubs

Da Paolino

Lemons, lemons, lemons everywhere! It’s a must visit restaurant for those wanting to spend their evening in Capri and for lovers of typical and traditional Italian dishes. Da Paolino is one of those restaurants you must visit and try at least once in your life, not to mention the experience and the location: in fact, it’s feels as if you’re dining under a sky of lemons.


Via Palazzo a Mare, 3/4, 80076 Capri
+ 39 081 837 6102
Italian Cuisine, Atmosphere

Capri Rooftop

To understand the beauty and romance that recalls this place is to experience it in person: to sip an author’s aperitif on one of the most beautiful terraces in Europe is priceless. The majestic view of the Faraglioni and the bay of the Marina Piccola of Capri, while the sun is setting will leave you with an unforgettable impression that will stay with you for the rest of your life. For the best experience we recommend sitting at the tables facing the sea to be able to capture those magical videos of the sensational views.

Capri Rooftop

Via Matteotti 7, 80073, Capri
+ 39 081 837 8147
Cocktails, Italian, Dinner

Il Riccio

Overlooking the sea and a stone’s throw away from the Grotta Azzurra, this 1 Michelin star restaurant Il Riccio of the Hotel Capri Palace is a well known destination all over the world by lovers of high quality cuisine and gourmet dishes. The dessert room is a unique gem of its kind and those who delight in culinary photography will have at their disposal the perfect mix of Capri style, Mediterranean colours and Neapolitan desserts as if there was no tomorrow.

Il Riccio

Via Capodimonte 14, 80071, Anacapri
+ 39 081 978 0111
Seafood, Gourmet, Restaurant

Gelato Buonocore

From the dessert of a Michelin star restaurant we move onto a more popular dessert, but no less delicious. Via Vittorio Emanuele encapsulates an explosion of aromas and flavours, and it is here that before starting your walk in the heart of Capri, we recommended you stop for the unmissable opportunity to take a photo of the iconic ice cream cone of Buonocore (A historic Caprese ice cream shop). I advise you to be quick in taking your pictures, the waffles are hot and freshly prepared and the ice cream will melt quickly in the sunshine!

Gelato Buonocore

Via V.Emanuele 35, 80073, Capri
+ 39 081 837 7826
Ice Cream, Dessert, Italian

Anema E Core

For the nightlife lovers, a selfie opportunity that can’t be missed in the most famous club of Capri: the Anema e Core. Visited by footballers, actors and many famous people, the Anema e Core is the icon of excellence of the Capri nightlife and is among the most famous nightclubs in Italy. Alongside fun and live music, a photo with the traditional Neapolitan tambourine or while dancing on the tables of the restaurant is mandatory.

Beach Clubs

Anema e Core

Taverna Anema e Core, Capri, Italy
+ 39 329 474 2508
Night Club, Bar, Nighlife

La Fontelina

Known all over the world, La Fontelina is amongst the most popular beach clubs in the island of Capri. Top Tip: If you want to make a reservation for a bed, we advise you to call a few weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. With it’s beautiful natural pools and the white and blue striped beds, La Fontelina boasts as having customers of all nationalities who enjoy an unforgettable dip in front of the spectacular Faraglioni. This is where you’ll get that fairytale photo!

La Fontelina

Via Faraglioni, Capri, Italy
+ 39 081 837 0845
Italian, Beach Club

La Canzone del Mare

Iconic for its level of excellence amongst the Capri beach clubs, La Canzone del Mare is one of the most famous places in the history of this blue island. Captured in the 50’s in a famous shot by photographer Slim Aarons, La Canzone del Mare represents a myth for all those who visit, it’s where you can still breathe in the atmosphere of Capri’s sweet life and truly experience the essence of the Italian ‘Dolce vita’ (The sweet life) Did you know ‘La Canzone del Mare’ in English translates to, the song of the sea?


La Canzone del Mare

Via Marina Piccola 93, Capri
+ 39 081 837 0104
Italian, Beach Club

Boat trip around Capri

If your desire is to live a day in the life of a fairytale with your mobile, the best way is to participate in a boat tour that circumnavigates around the island of Capri. This way you can admire the Grotta Azzurra, Grotta Verde, Grotta Bianca, the natural arch and the Punta Carena lighthouse. Get to experience swimming in the crystal clear waters of Capri, sip Prosecco and limoncello from the bow of the boat and finally, more than anything else, you can live out one of the most romantic experiences of your life: going through the arch of the large Faraglione and take this moment to kiss the person you love of making a wish. Unforgettable!

Blue Grotto 

It is said that if you go to Capri and do not visit the Blue Grotto it’s equivalent to having not visited at all, but if you do visit it and don’t post a photo or story on Instagram, it’s considered the same. As well as being an iconic hotspot of the island, the Grotta Azzurra is one of the most popular attractions. The reflections of the turquoise crystal clear waters offer an exceptional experience and it’s only possible to access it with the famous boatmen on the traditional small boats who, with a little rowing and clinging to the peaks, will guide you into this enchanted cave. You must record a video during the entrance and once inside the grotto, let yourself be enchanted by the songs sung by the boatmen in this fairytale atmosphere, it’s a must!

Arco Naturale

Around a 30 minute walk from the Piazetta di Capri, your path will begin to lead you to see this natural arch, a rocky arch-shaped structure about twelve metres wide. From the top of this view point it’s possible to photograph the arch in all its majesty, the rocky holes in the reflections of the crystal clear sea reveal the most enchanting colours. A true spectacle of nature!

Grotta Verde – Green Grotto

The Green Grotto is less know, but no less beautiful than the Blue Grotto. It’s very easily accessible by boat and is located on the southern side of the island, right after the Marina Piccola. It’s unique reflections of an emerald tone and the crystal clear water provide you with a unique experience.

Via Tragara Belvedere

For lovers of beautiful walks and panorama’s, Via Tragara is an essential stop to admire one of the most picturesque streets of Capri, immerse yourself amongst the gardens and villas where the most famous artists and celebrities have stayed. At the end of the path, one of those places of Capri that will leave you speechless: the most famous viewpoint of the island overlooking it’s Faraglioni and the bay of the Marina Piccola. Unmissable!

Via Krupp – Giardini di Augusto

Yes, this is the exact road you have seen all over Instagram! It is the famous Krupp street, know worldwide for it’s zig-zag characteristics and for it’s fantastic views. Unfortunately, for safety reasons and due to the risk of landslides, the road is almost always closed and therefore can only be admired from the Gardens of Augustus. At your pleasure!

Monte Solaro

If you want to touch the sky with your finger and photograph Capri in a unique photo from above, the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast you have to climb to Monte Solaro. With it’s 598 metres, Monte Solaro is the highest peak of Capri and offers its visitors spectacular views. It’s not to be missed!

Punta e Faro

What’s more romantic that a photo with a lighthouse at sunset? At the most extreme point south-west of the island of Capri, you will find the famous Punta Carena lighthouse, a picturesque inlet set in nature and amongst the rocks. It is the most angular side of the island of Capri, which also houses a Lido restaurant, Lido di Faro where you can sip a cocktail until sunset or dive into the waters (Blue flag), amongst the wild beauty of the nature that surrounds it. Fantastic set-ups for events, that absolutely has to be photographed!

Villa Lysis

Designed in 1905 on behalf of the French poet and dandy, Count Jacques d’Adelsward-Fersen, Villa Lysis is one of the most beautiful villas in Capri. Located in the northern part of the island, it overlooks the Marina Grande and Punta Campanella, the extreme point of the Sorrento Peninsula. The interiors are adorned with arches, statues and paintings with gold decorations and is surrounded by a unique Mediterranean garden. 

Local life

Piazetta di Capri e La Torre dell’Orologio

An icon of the worldliness of the Caprese life, the Piazetta is considered the centre of the island: it is here in fact that the alleys and streets lead to the panoramic places and luxurious boutiques of the historic centre. It’s considered a historic meeting point for the people of Capri and it’s visitors who, either for a aperitif cocktail or coffee, take their places seated at one of the four bars that surround the square. The square also overlooks the clock tower which is a stone’s throw away, and the funicular (a cable railway) to reach the Marina Grande: two great symbols of Capri to capture and photograph!

Piazetta di Capri

Piazza Umberto I, 80076, Capri
+ 39 081 838 6211
Italian, Local Square, Bars

Via Camerelle

Camarelle street is considered the artery of Capri other than the square, along the street Vittorio Emanuele, you will be lead through to the boutiques and the alleys of the historic centre. Here you will find the island’s most luxurious boutiques, hotels and sumptuous villas hidden behind gardens and hedges, if you consider yourself a fashion lover this is the place to visit for you!

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