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Right now Italy is going through what we thought we would avoid for a long time, a second wave of Coronavirus infections. Of course we tried to be very optimistic but this shows us once again, this new illness is something that is very hard to control.

Although we would love to keep sharing with you beautiful pictures of landscapes, amazing Italian dishes, breathtaking beaches and all of the classic things you would think of when hearing ‘Sorrento, Capri and Amalfi Coast’, we don’t think it would be right not to address the changes we are all now going through. Since the restrictions here in Italy are getting tighter and cases are growing, we have created this blog to connect with our global online community, provide the latest updates of Coronavirus in Italy and to give you real life content of life in Sorrento.


Sunday 15th November

With today being the first day of lockdown here in the region of Campania, waking up to this view definitely made it a little easier. Of course there was still a strange feeling in the atmosphere, streets were empty without a car in sight and shops were all closed except the essential ones. Although we have all lived this story once before at the beginning of the year, we are now going through this a second time. If there’s one thing I learnt from the first lockdown is that, although this feels like we are repeating history this moment again is only temporary, we will come out of this again stronger, focus on all of the exciting things you have to look forward to.. hugging your loved ones, socialising with friends, the goals you want to achieve, the places you want to visit.. together we can do this!

First Morning in Lockdown | Video Credit: Giorgia

Saturday 14th November

From midnight in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and in the whole region of Campania we will start again a new lockdown and we will prepare to live once again with limited social activity that help us overcome this complicated time. Today, was and felt like our ‘last day of freedom’, but I took advantage of this moment and took a walk along the beach at sunset and in front of this natural beauty I thank God for how lucky I am. Life is everything that counts and only together we will be able to live it to the fullest!

Sunset in Sorrento during Lockdown | Video Credit: Giuseppe

Sunday 8th November

Since the new curfew of 10pm has started here in Italy we are no longer allowed to go out to enjoy our late evenings, enjoying a nice meal in a restaurant with friends or having an aperitif on a sea view terrace here in Sorrento like we once used to. Luckily here in my region of Campania, yellow zone, we are still allowed to go out during the day to enjoy some sports. Me and my brother decided to take our bikes, and since now the famous Amalfi Coast road is practically empty, we took advantage of this. Here is one of the best places to stop and take some pictures and videos as you can admire the whole of the Coast and take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and forget about all of your worries.

Bike Ride along the Amalfi Coast | Video Credit: Giuseppe

Thursday 5th November

With the cases of Coronavirus rising in the region and new restrictions being put into place, I’ve now begun working from home most days to limit getting public transport and to keep safe. Although I would usually be taking a walk around Sorrento on my lunch break, today I took a stroll in my neighbourhood along the Lungomare. With all the everchanging news of the second wave of coronavirus in Italy and rules being put into place, it was quite refreshing to take a moment out of my day and enjoy this view of the sea and Mount Vesuvius. Luckily, Campania is currently in the Yellow Zone meaning that we are still allowed to take walks in our towns, of course still wearing a face mask and keeping a safe distance from others, but even with these rules to follow, I was still able to enjoy this calm and relaxing moment.

Walk along Lungomare | Video Credit: Giorgia

Monday 2nd November

As the number of Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Italy and in the Campania region, my journey to and from work is looking emptier and emptier. On the plus side, it’s much more easier now to keep a good distance from other travellers and now everyone respects the rules much more strictly when it comes to social distancing and wearing a face mask throughout their journey. I remember when I first started getting the train in July, most days it was almost impossible to even find a seat on the whole of the train for my whole journey because of how busy the trains were, now it looks very different.

My Train Journey into Work, November 2020 | Video Credit: Giorgia


Saturday 31st October

Without the sea I don’t know how to live and luckily, here we are still allowed to go to the sea. In fact, despite all of the new limitations due to covid, today it is still possible to spend a few hours outdoors and walk, have lunch and sip a coffee at the bar and days like this when the weather is lovely and warm I am able to enjoy some free time in one of my favourite places. Obviously, there remains the obligation to respect the distances, wear a mask at all time and to respect the closing time, which as mentioned is at 6pm now. For now we respect the rules in the hope to be able to meet again soon.

Meta, Sorrento Coast | Photo Credit: Giuseppe

Friday 30th October

Today I took a walk to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in my hometown of Sorrento and for a moment it felt as if I was far away from the ongoing and ever-changing pandemic we are living through. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to take in this view only a short walk from my home to take my mind off this moment we are living through once again. With the daily cases of Coronavirus in Italy still on the rise, I hope to take advantage of these little moments of escapism should we end up ever going into another regional lockdown.

Marina Piccola, Sorrento – October 2020 | Video Credit: Giorgia

Monday 26th October

Unfortunately, the effects of the second wave of Coronavirus cases are already being felt here in Sorrento. As you can see in this video, Bars like all other food businesses such as Restaurants, Pubs and Pizzerias must now close early at 18.00. I’m sure you know how important it is for us Italians to share a coffee at the bar or an aperitif in the square and even if we had hoped not to have to talk about lockdowns and restrictions anymore, unfortunately with the increase in Coronavirus cases, we are again faced with the harsh reality. Before working in tourism I was a journalist and if all year I try to tell you about Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in all its beauty, now I have to update you also on a sad and melancholy reality.

Bar Carmine, Sorrento | Video Credit: Giorgia

Tuesday 20th October

Today during my work break, rather than walking through the Sorrento Old Town like I usually would, I decided to take another route and head towards Piazza Sant’Antonino. In this square you’ll find various restaurants and shops which usually would be quite busy, with people sitting outside the bars and restaurants. However today it was super quiet, and although the weather was nice and warm I could definitely feel a change in the atmosphere.

Piazza Sant’Antonino, Sorrento | Video Credit: Giorgia

Tuesday 6th October

From today, face masks have now been made compulsory to be worn in all public areas, including outdoors, for the whole of Italy. Here in Sorrento, most people have been wearing face masks outside for a few weeks now which although is still something we are adjusting to, the general feeling is that most people are happy to follow all of these new procedures to make sure the number of new cases stays low.

Corso Italia, Sorrento | Video Credit: Giorgia

You can read our full article about coronavirus in Italy, from Outbreak to Lockdown, including live updates and case count here: Coronavirus in Italy, Daily Updates.

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