If you are reading this article there’s a good chance you are on vacation in Sorrento or on the Amalfi Coast in July 2019: don’t miss the best events taking place during the month of July 2019. 

From 6th – 14th July | Lemon Jazz Festival

Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento | 6th-14th July
+39 333220 22 42
Jazz music, Concerts
Free Entrance

This is going to be the third edition of the Music Festival, the LemonJazz Festival. It will perform in Villa Fiorentino and for 5 days Sorrento will be the showcase of the international music, with guests known all over the world.

  • Saturday 6th July   | The festival is opened by Tuck and Patti
  • Sunday 7th July      | Doug Lawrence with John Trentacosta, American Jazz
  • Friday 12th July      | Jezzmeia Horn
  • Saturday 13th July | Francesco Cafisco in a quartet
  • Sunday 14th July    | Scott Hendersen in trio

11th July | Oysters & Cocktails

Cornelia Cocktails & more | Via San Nicola 3,  Sorrento
Thursday 11th July, 9.00 pm
Aperitif, Cocktail, Music 
€ 3,00 per oyster 

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Settled in Sorrento old Town, right in the heart of the city, Cornelia Cocktails and more is a temple for cocktail mixology, good wine and raw foods. Chic but relaxed, Cornelia offers great cocktails and on the 11th of July you can enjoy delicious oysters for just 3,00 € each.

18th July | Scent of Roses

Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento
Thursday 18th July, 9.00 pm
Music, Dance exhibition

A dance show, a love story between an italo-americano and a Mediterranean woman on holiday in Sorrento. Enchanting choreographies and music, all accompanied by the scent of roses.

19th July – Antonella Maisto in Concert

Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento
Friday, 19th July, 9.00 pm
Music, Dance exhibition

Antonella Maisto will perform with her crew in Villa Fiorentino, a concert based on the traditional Portuguese and Neapolitan music.

20th July – Young Dublin Sinfonia 

Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento
Saturday, 20th July, 9.00 pm
Music, Classic Music
Free Entrance 

Performance by an Irish youth orchestra, with some of the most beautiful classical music compositions.

26th July – Marco Sentieri with the 2 Quarti

Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento
Friday,  26th July, 9.00 pm

Marco Sentieri and his crew, been together since 2016, have great personality and perfectionism in their performances. Their repertoire ranges from great artists of the past and present of Italian music.

31st July – Capriccio Napoletano

Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento
Wednesday 31st July, 9.00 pm
Music, Napoletan Music

Little Sorrentine orchestra, will perform Neapolitan traditional music. 

La stagione del Barocco – Classical Music Concerts

Adriano Fazio, violoncello, “thinking Bach”

Chiesa della SS. Annunziata
Sunday 7th July, 9.00 pm
Music, Classical Music
Free Entrance 

Amaya Fernandez Pozuelo, calvicembalo.

G.H. Excelsior Vittoria
Thursday 11h July, 7.00 pm
Music, Classical Music
Free Entrance

Ensamble Barocco di Napoli, Tommaso Rossi, sweet flute.

Cathedral of Sorrento
Sunday 14th July, 9.00 pm
Music, Classical Music
Free Entrance

Sorrento Classica – Classical Music Concerts

Aiman Mussakhajeva, Sara Assabayeva, violin and piano

Saint Francis’ Cloister,  Sorrento
Saturday 20th July, 9.00 pm
Music, Classical Music

Maurizio Mastrini, Montenegro Orchestra, piano

Saint Francis’ Cloister,  Sorrento
Friday 26th July, 9.00 pm
Music, Classical Music

Art Exhibition – Henry Matisse , il Sipario della Vita


Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento | 15th June -20th October
+39 0818782284
Art, Art exhibition 
Adults 10,00€ , 6,00€ Children and groups 

In summer 2019 the Sorrento Foundation hosts in Villa Fiorentino, a major exhibition dedicated to HENRI MATISSE, with particular focus upon the strict relationship of the Master’s art with the theatre and in general towards its scenographic side and creations of “effect”.

Marina Grande Festivity – Sant’Anna, music show and fireworks


  • From 17th to 29th July: 8.00 pm mass in Sant’Anna chapel
  • 20th July: 8.00 pm mass in Sant’Anna chapel celebrated by the bishop
  • 28th July: 10.00 pm music show with “SUD 58” 
  • 29th July: 11.30 pm pyromusical show and fireworks from the sea
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