Visiting Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast in August 2020 – The definitive Guide

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Visiting Sorrento in August | Must know

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Sorrento in August : Things to do and Events

Sorrento in August may be hot, but is always considered the best choice amongst the villages of the Sorrentine and Amalfi Coast, as the Town its self is quite flat: so there’s not a lot of walking or steps, and its easier to get to Pompeii ( that could be very tiring during Summer), Capri (with daily boat tours departing directly from Sorrento’s harbour), Positano and Amalfi (with private drivers or by bus). All our  apartments, villas and suites are relaxing: they are set in Sorrento city center or in the old town and some have swimming pool, parking and lots of facilites.

Amalfi Coast tour in August: visit Positano, Amalfi and Ravello

The Private Tour to Amalfi Coast offers the possibility to travel with your travel mates in a comfortable and elegant Mercedes E Van with total flexibility. In fact, we suggest a schedule but since the tour is private you don’t have to follow it to the letter. Therefore, you can ask for customized breaks i.e. swim at the beach, shopping, coffee, lunch or lemonade time, skip a town etc.)

  • Pick up at the property
  • Drive to the Amalfi Coast passing through Sorrento hills surrounded by lemon trees gardens and expanses of olive trees.
  • When approaching the Amalfi Coast the driver will stop at unique viewpoints for the photo lovers, where you can enjoy the view of the entire coast, and the famous Li Galli Islands, private tiny islands off Positano Bay.
  • First stop Positano for 1 hour where you can explore the characteristic and colourful narrow streets of the village with the famous Italian linens Boutiques.
  • Before approaching Amalfi you will pass through the lovely village of Praiano with its stunning views of the Coast and Furore Fiord, the most famous creek of the entire area. This spot is famous because divers from all around the world come here for the Red Bull Challenge.
  • Second stop Amalfi for 1 hour. You can enjoy walking through the old town and visit the famous Sant’Andrea’s Cathedral also called Duomo di Amalfi built in the IX century with its incredible facade and architecture. Other attraction you can visit is Museo della Carta. Recommended a stop for a coffee at Pansa an old-fashioned bar just in the main square.
  • Third stop the lovely town on the hills, Ravello for 1 hour. Before approaching it the driver will suggest you some local Trattorias where you can have your lunch, although you can pick your own restaurant. Totally recharged after your meal you will be ready to explore the third destination of the itinerary: recommended is a visit to the fantastic gardens of Villa Rufolo and you cannot miss a walk through the charming streets and the main square of the town.
  • The driver will take you back at the property after the 8 hours tour.
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Un post condiviso da ♦️ Briganti Sorrento ♦️ (@brigantisorrento) in data:

  • Amalfi Coast tour
  • Pick up from the Accommodation
  • Easy
  • Sorrento – Positano – Amalfi – Ravello
  • 8 Hours
  • Mercedes Mini Van

A must visit spot when travelling in Sorrento Area is the outstanding Amalfi Coast, known worldwide for its charming villages and marvellous landscapes. Main attractions are the villages of Positano (picture), Amalfi and Ravello although our suggested professional English Speaking drivers will show you secret spots that you only experience if with a local.
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Sorrento in August : Weather and Temperature

Very small chance to rain, in August, the Italian coastal town of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast have hot temperatures and plenty of sunshine, making it a popular time of year to visit. Sorrento is at its hottest in August: nn average, temperatures in Sorrento hover around 24°C in the daytime with highs of 29°C in the afternoons.

Sorrento Weather and Climate information in August






  • Humidity 64% 64%
  • Chance of Rain 10% 10%

Sorrento in August: What to pack

Most Italians take their annual break during August’s heat: Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are amongs the most attractive destinations in Italy, in fact you’re likely to run into more italian locals than other months. On 15th of August In Italy we celebrate Ferragosto, the height of the Italian Summer.  Beach clubs, disco and cafes organize beach games, water balloons, bonfires and dancing. A key moment of the day is the traditional Ferragosto lunch, usually a barbecue or picnic with family and friends. Before leaving, pack proper sun protection as skin burns easily if you’re outside during the hottest hours of the day. Think tank tops, shorts and sundresses. All our accommodations have air conditioning, useful for the warm nights that generally don’t get any cooler than 20°C.

These are my personal recommendations for your visit to Sorrento in August:

  • Sun Creme protection
  • T-shirts or shirts
  • A bathing suit and beach towel
  • Shorts or skirts
  • Good walking shoes and flip-flops
  • Bring a sun hat, a backpack or a travel bag to bring with you when you visit sites like Amalfi Coast, Capri and Pompei Ruins
  • Bring a folding umbrella

Sorrento in August: 5 reasons to come

  • To experience Capri, Pompei Ruins and the Amalfi Coast 
  • To enjoy the authentic italian life: Piazza Tasso (Sorrento main square) and the old town, are alive with restaurants, cafes and little clubs.
  • To enjoy amazing dinners in Marina Grande where local restaurants set tables outside on the pier
  • To swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters
  • To experience the authentic italian culture 
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