Will I be able to travel to Italy this Autumn?

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by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.
Hundreds of guests have been writing to us to find out what the possibility is of them still bring able to enjoy a holiday in Italy this year, here we have put together for you all of the latest updates regarding travel combined with the new guidelines we have created to ensure our guests feel safe and secure when staying with us.
by Giuseppe Morvillo
Giuseppe is a Property Manager, Travel writer & Media Planner who has born and raised in Sorrento, Italy.
Hundreds of guests have been writing to us to find out what the possibility is of them still bring able to enjoy a holiday in Italy this year, here we have put together for you all of the latest updates regarding travel combined with the new guidelines we have created to ensure our guests feel safe and secure when staying with us.

What’s happening in Italy

With Italy officially entering Phase Two of Lockdown on Monday 4th May, of course many of us are still waiting to know the answer to the golden question, is it still possible to travel to Italy this summer? In short, the answer is that there is still some uncertainty around the topic of travel and we are still awaiting official confirmations and guidelines by the Government. We are over a week now into the new normal way of life here which involves the mandatory use of masks in indoor and outdoor places that are open to the public. In Italy citizens are now also able to visit their relatives that live within the same region, that for over 2 months they were separated from, however are yet able to visit friends or go our in big groups. A selected amount of small business were also able to re-open such as shops selling food or necessary products and all others remain closed until later in the month.

It’s clear that the virus is still present and we are having to slowly find ways to adapt to this new way of life in order to keep moving forward and regain some sort of normality back in our lives. As the weeks and months pass, slowly we are reaching the summer months we have all been anticipating during lockdown and we continue to wait for an official announcement of this years guidelines and regulations that need to be followed in order to have the possibility of a summer.

What you can do in Italy during the second phase of Lockdown. Cr. ParmaPress24
Coronavirus in Italy, what you can do

What is Sorrento Vibes doing?

At Sorrento Vibes our guests are the core and the heart of our business, because of this we want to ensure you that during these past two months in lockdown we have spent every minute watching the situation develop to understand how we can create new methods and plans to enforce maximum security and safety for our guests and of course still offer them an unforgettable and magical time during their stay with us. Our priority has always been to ensure our guests feel safe, welcome and secure in our accommodation, and even now more than ever. Below we have outlined for you the main steps we are taking to maximise safety, security and sanitation and ensure our business is meeting all of the new standards outlined by the Italian Government.

  • Enforcing Social Distancing Methods
  • Adapting our contact methods to become contactless
  • Heightened Security Measures for our Guests
  • Maximise Top Quality Cleaning and Sanitisation

The topic of cleaning and sanitising is one of the most discussed topics among the new horizons of hospitality, guaranteeing safety and cleanliness in accommodation facilities is an essential factor for the future of hospitality. For us at Sorrento Vibes these issues are fundamental, and have been since the first days we opened our doors to guests from all over the world, the professionalism and quality of services that have always distinguished our company have facilitated us in applying new sanitisation strategies by implementing the already efficient cleaning and safety techniques.

We will also be implementing appropriate and government recommended social distancing measures, especially in the travel and hospitality sector, is very important and factors we are absolutely complying with. As travel operators we are organising ourselves in the best possible way to adapt to these changes. In Italy, and in particular in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast, tourism is an integral part of our territory and we are ready to welcome you to our structures by applying every form of prevention and safety. Our business, which totally focuses on private apartments, single-family villas, guesthouse rooms without common areas, best meets the new forms of tourism, guaranteeing respect for space, autonomy and privacy. In addition, our guests are couples, families and small groups and the absolute standards of cleanliness are systematic in all environments and visible to customers.

Coronavirus Italy

Is my Italy 2020 trip still going to happen?

Italy’s Tourism Industry has been put on hold since February 20th, and of course the country has seen a significant decline in national and international visitors since, however we are happy to say the possibility of the borders being closed to foreign travellers until 2021 is simply not true, which of course gives us some sort of indication and hope that a summer in Italy will still be possible.

“I am ready to sign bilateral treaties between European countries to encourage the arrival of foreigners as well, while waiting for the emergency to be definitively behind us”

Giorgio Palmucci, Italy’s president of the Italian National Trust Board, ENIT, recently discussed the possibility of EU residents to be able to travel to Italy this summer, saying, “I am ready to sign bilateral treaties between European countries to encourage the arrival of foreigners as well, while waiting for the emergency to be definitively behind us”, he clarifies that Italy will start allowing tourists from neighbouring European countries to enter Italy, at the earliest, in July or August. The best advice we can give right now is for those who have already booked during or after these months or are considering the idea to visit Italy this summer, is to wait a little longer until the clear guidelines and regulations are stated, it’s not completely off the cards yet and we will be monitoring the on-going discussion and situation closely and reporting all important updates here. 

Latest Updates

Latest Update | Friday 4th December

Last night Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced the new rules and restrictions for Italy to follow for the upcoming Christmas holidays, which will be in force from 4th December until 15th January.

  • Travel will only be allowed for reasons of work, health and “situations of necessity” (such as providing assistance to those who need it), and people will not be permitted to transfer to their holiday homes.
  • It will not be possible to move outside of your town , city of residence, ‘comune’, on the 25th, 26th December and 1st January.
  • Those who travel abroad over Christmas must self-isolate on their return to Italy.
  • A curfew will still be in place, people not allowed out of their homes between 22.00 and 05.00, except for work or health reasons or other urgent situations.
  • Shops are permitted to stay open until 21.00 during the festive season however shopping centres will remain closed at weekends and on holidays.
  • Restaurants and bars only in Yellow Zones are able to stay open until 18.00 and are allowed to serve lunch during the festive period, including on Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day, New Year’s Day and 6th January (Epiphany-Befana), for a maximum of four people. Takeaways are allowed until 22.00, with no time limit on home delivery.
  • Italy’s ski slopes will remain closed for the Christmas season, reopening on 7 January.
  • On New Year’s Eve-Day the curfew will be extended by two hours, in effect from 22.00 on 31 December until 07.00 on 1 January 2021.

Latest Update | Monday 30th November

The latest updates for a Coronavirus vacine available in Italy could come as early as Spring 2021. Once approved, doctors and health care workers will get the first doses, followed by those in care home, over 80’s, key works and the rest of the population. It will not be obligatory at first so that the government can monitor how the campaign progresses, and will also be distributed to all Italians for free. Read our full article here: Italy’s Coronavirus Vaccine for Spring 2021

Latest Update | Wednesday 21st October

Below you can find a list of the EU/Schengen nations that can currently visit Italy with no restrictions:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium*, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic*, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France*, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands*, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain*, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom*, Vatican City

All countries marked with a * require people who intend to enter Italy who have stayed or transited through these countries in the previous fourteen days, will be required to bring a negative PCR test within 72 hours of entry, or undergo a test upon arrival and isolate to await results. 

Latest Update | Thursday 8th October

Italy has now added the UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Belgium onto its list of high-risk countries. Travellers arriving to Italy from these countries are required to get tested for COVID-19 upon arrival or to have had the test at least 72hrs before flying and obtain a negative result and certificate.

Latest Update | Tuesday 6th October

Face masks are now compulsory in Italy and must be worn everywhere in public, including outdoors, the maximum fine for failing to comply with these regulations has also been raised to 1,000€. Discover here our article on Do I need to wear a Face Mask in Italy?’ where you can find our complete guide.

Latest Update | Friday 25th August

As from today, COVID Testing will now be carried out in Naples Airport, espeically for those travellers who will be returning from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain.

Latest Update | Tuesday 18th August

From this Thursday those arriving into the Milan airports of Malpensa and Linate from high risk countries will have to be tested for Coronavirus. It’s possible and reccomended to book your test in advance to avoid any long waiting times or delay once arriving in Italy or if possible you are allowed to also get tested in the country you are departing from prior to flying.

Latest Update | Thursday 1st October

In comparisson to neighbouring EU Countries such as France and Spain, Italy has managed to keep their Coronavirus numbers and rate of infection much lower since coming out of the national lockdown. Due to this, thankfully Italy is still on the UK’S safe list for travel, meaning that anyone entering and leaving Italy back to the UK will still not need to quarantine when returning.

Latest Update | Saturday 16th May

June 3rd now marks a significant date here in Italy, where the borders will be opened and EU tourists and citizens from the Schengen area will be allowed to visit. Restrictions will also be lifted on travel within Italy, meaning residents will once again be allowed to freely travel from region to region. 

Latest Update | Sunday 17th May 

June 3rd:
– Borders between Italy and EU countries to re-open
– EU members allowed to travel to and from Italy
– Two week quarantine no longer imposed on those coming from EU member countries
– Travel between regions also allowed without certification
June 15th: – Re-assessment of any lifting of non-essential travel from outside the EU (USA/UK)

Latest Update | Monday 18th May

May 18th marks a significant day in Phase 2 of Italy’s lockdown from today:

– Restaurants and bars allowed to re-open to the public
– Citizens are allowed to move freely within their region without certification
– Social distancing is still in place with 1.5 metre rule
– Barbers and Hair Salons open again to the public
– We are now allowed to visit our friends

Latest Update | Sunday 24th May

Finally we are able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and slowly, with the necessary precautions, we are able to return to the new normal.

These are some of the things we can do:
– Go to Restaurants and Bars
– Go to Hairdressers and Barbers
– Go to the Beach
– Visit Museums

Of course there are very strict social distancing measures in place such as floor markings and signs, face masks are also obligatory in all public spaces.

Latest Update | Wednesday 3rd June

From today the borders between Italian regions have now officially re-opened and there will be freedom of movement in the Schengen area. Other countries and regions include  United Kingdom, Northern Ireland,  Andorra, Principality of Monaco, Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State.

All those who move between the Italian Regions will be able to travel without:

Undergoing Health Surveillance
– Self Certification
– Two Week Isolation

Latest Update | Thursday 4th June

Today’s latest news reveals the official guidelines confirmed by the Higher Institute of Health for visiting the beaches this summer in Italy!

– It is recommended for all managers, staff and visitors to have their temperature checked upon arrival. Should your temperature be over 35.7°c you will be refused entry.

– Online Bookings and times lots will be implemented in order to prevent mass gatherings and overcrowding. The attendance list will also be kept for at least 14 days to be used as a form of contact tracing should it be needed in compliance with the privacy legislation.

– No more aperitifs on the beach or any other events such as dance activities, parties, social events and buffet tastings.

– Musical events could also be banned unless they are seated listening events where social distancing measures can be guaranteed and put into place.

Latest Update | Tuesday 16th June

From today the official update for those travelling to and from Italy allows the following citizens to without any restrictions:
– All EU Member States
– Schengen Area Countries (Including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland)
– Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State
– United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
– Andorra, Principality of Monaco

Latest Update | Friday 3rd July

From 10th July Quarantine free travel will come into place from those returning to the England from Italy. Enjoy your vacation in Italy with no need to worry about isolating when returning back home.

Latest Update | Saturday 11th July

There is no longer a required quarantine for those travelling to England from Italy. You are now able to travel back and forth to Italy and England with no restricted measures.

You can read our full article about coronavirus in Italy, from Outbreak to Lockdown, including live updates and case count here: Coronavirus in Italy, Daily Updates.

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